17/05/13 – 18/05/13: LOGBOOK

Saturday 18th May 2013 

After a quick breakfast, we met up with Les Georges to get to know the boat.We checked everything out from the hold to the top of the mast.Then we practised reefing drills in dock.We slipped moorings and set out to sea only to be welcomed to the Pacific Ocean by a school of long-beaked common dolphins. AMAZING! There must have been at least 50 of them. We also saw Californian sea-lions sun-bathing on a buoy in the channel.


After tacking a few times, we headed back to port.Once we had docked, we loaded the NOAA buoys that we are to cast off en route and in the gyre to acquire better knowledge of the currents. We then had a long talk about life on board during the expedition, galley duty etc. before heading back to the hotel for a good shower! We’re making the most of it because we will soon have to do without this luxury.

Sunday 19th May 2013

Sunday today so we had a lie in and a 7.30 am rise. As soon as we were up, we set off on an hour’s run along the Pacific coastline to clear our minds and relax.We spent the morning working individually. Claire finalised scientific protocols,Soizic prepared photos for the social networks and Patrick put together the Manta net which travelled in pieces.



Out to sea again this afternoon to finish practising safety procedures and get some footage of the boat before leaving. On our return, we took a few photos for our favourite sponsors.We then set out in search of missing equipment for our scientific experiments and photos. Fortunately, everyone in the shops does their best to help out these Frenchies with their occasionally odd requirements!

Tension is increasing since we do not yet know if we will be able to leave tomorrow.Will our case of equipment get here?! You’ll find the answer in our next log.

More news soon – 7th C Crew