21/05/13: Logbook

After a race against the clock, we have at last recovered our equipment and it’s now 3 pm local time as we leave Oceanside harbour feeling very relieved and satisfied with the work done. We’ve missed our weather break so we decide to head for the Catalina islands and spend the night at anchor. On Wednesday, we are expecting strong winds of 40-45 knots and a 5-6 meter swell. We will not be taking any risks and hope that the wind dies down on Thursday, as is forecast.


We will take the opportunity to observe the horizon during these first few miles. A school of about 500 spotted dolphins is on the hunt around the boat, ten pelicans flying in formation cross our route skimming over the water where unfortunately, we can also see a dozen or so balloons floating, probably launched by children at a fair.



More news soon. – 7th C Crew