23/05/13: Logbook

Departure from Catalina


After receiving and studying weather reports, we decide to leave Catalina (a small island some 30 miles offshore with a military base) and take a look at conditions at sea. Before leaving, we replenish our stores of water, fuel and other items on land.Catalina is a few miles off Los Angeles and is a favourite weekend destination for the jet set.The cost of living is very high in this paradise for rich Americans. On exiting the bay, the weather appears to have calmed down.But 10 miles out, we find ourselves in a 4-meter swell with gusts of wind at 50 knots.What should we do?We know the boat will make it but we also realise that the crew will take a beating… So we decide to do as originally intended and take refuge off San Clemente.It appears that the Pacific Ocean is reluctant to let us in.Is this because of the wart-like mass of rubbish Man has planted in its midst? We weigh anchor in one of the island’s bays.The wind should drop during the night and remain light for the following 3 days so we’ll set out to sea again tomorrow morning.



See you – 7c Crew