27/05/13: Logbook

The ocean is calm this morning as though acknowledging our requirements.

Indeed, we absolutely need to heave to today and take our first samples as control indicators before we enter the gyre. So we meet up this morning to set up the scientific protocols and decide on the order of procedures.

As we have very little space on board we need to be highly organised.We begin with the “Bobies” which need to remain in the water for 2 hours, and then we cast the Gyroplastic overboard, ending up with the Manta and conical plankton nets! We have an impressive string of instruments trailing behind us.



Conditioning our samples goes well since the sea has calmed down and the swell now varies between 1-2 meters only. Let’s hope it lasts.

We have caught a second fish. A tuna which was immediately measured and stuffed with sensors by Claire, filmed by Soizic and gutted by our captain, Les. No more fishing now until we reach our target area.


For the time being, there is little waste to be seen and not much micro-plastic in our nets. We’re impatient to reach our goal and get a closer look once we’re there. Routine is now established as we head towards our target, the gyre, which is still two days’ sailing away. We will cast the Manta net overboard every day but the other items (Gyroplastic buoy and bobies) will be used only twice more once we’ve reached the gyre.

We will then begin our return journey…

More news soon. – 7th C Crew