28/05/13: Logbook

Tuesday 28th May 2013

Position: 30°33 N 130° 03 W

At last we are in the gyre currents.

To our surprise, we cross the paths of several boats including container ships and tankers. And there we were thinking the zone was isolated!

We are now towing our Manta net to collect a maximum of samples. This morning, we didn’t find anything resembling plastic in our net. However, we have come across our first plastic macro-waste – 5 buoys and a piece of fishing net. The buoys were loaded with barnacles and so heavy that we couldn’t haul them aboard!



They will probably end up sinking into the depths of the ocean. How much waste ends up like this? The gyre sea bed must be a real rubbish tip. It would be interesting to go there and take a few pictures. But for the time being, we’re concentrating on our goal.

This morning, satellite images were made above our boat.When processing them, an unknown signal was detected. We were asked to keep our eyes skinned in order to identify what this could be. Whatever it is, it is in our navigation area. We must keep careful watch, it could be Fukushima tsunami waste which should be about to enter the gyre.