03/06/13: Logbook

Friday 31th May and Saturday 1st June 


We’re on our way back, the sea is very rough. .The crew is fine but sailing is difficult…

We’re going to sit tight until Monday when the weather should clear up.


Monday 3rd June


The Pacific Ocean has given us a beating! Have we been too nosy? Or over-confident? Whatever, the invoice is steep – 3 days of terrible weather! A swell of 4-5 metres and wind gusting at 45 knots last night. Weather forecasts predicted winds of only 20-30 knots!

These last 24 hours have been the worst; we have had to run before the wind with only the staysail. In any case, that was all we had as the storm had torn the mainsail and damaged the genoa. Inside, we were rattled around as if on dodgems at the fair..Moving around becomes extremely complicated in such conditions and as for cooking, forget it! Thank heavens for Chinese packet soups!

The storm is on its way out today and life back to normal. Because we changed course, we are a little further to the south than we should be which means an extra day’s sailing. But spirits are high as the sun is now out, the weather forecasts predict 5 days’ good weather and if there is no wind, we have sufficient fuel to return to port with the engine.

Tomorrow, once the swell has disappeared, we will need to repair the mainsail and replace the genoa with a new sail kept in the boat for emergencies.


We should reach land sometime on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. After three weeks at sea, we’re dreaming of a good meal, comfortable bed and a nice, hot shower.

Watch this space!



More news soon. – 7th C Crew